We are coming back with the same audacity & style, and way more value!


Thanks to your support, we have outgrown the systems and processes we have used to this point.

In order to continue offering top quality products and value, we are changing our whole process, from tip-off to the final buzzer.

What is changing?

  • The apparel roster - DON’T WORRY, your classic Shooters Shoot favorites are still available. We have refined the roster to create a more focused & well rounded lineup.

  • Fulfillment - We are opening our own fulfillment center! This cuts out the middleman, which will reduce fulfillment times.

  • Returns & Exchanges - The fulfillment center will allow us to accept returns and exchanges.

  • Better engagement & response times - With no middleman. Your message comes straight to us, and from us straight back to you.

  • MORE VALUE - We have lowered our costs with our new processes, and we are lobbing these slam dunk savings your way.
  • BriAnna Joy Garza

    Founder & Owner

    BriAnna Joy Garza is a professional shooting coach, instructional designer, and owner of Shooters Shoot Training — a mentorship program that focuses on both shot and thought development.

    BriAnna was never the biggest, strongest or fastest player on any team, so she learned at a very young age to focus her time on developing her vision, IQ, and
    most importantly — her shot. BriAnna played high school basketball in Kyle, Texas, where she led the region in both assists and 3 pointers made. She graduated in 2010 as All-State in basketball and music (percussion).

    After high school, BriAnna went on to play college ball on a full scholarship to the NAIA D1, Baker University. After leading her team to a sweet 16 her senior season, Brianna was voted as conference Player of the Year (HAAC), was named an All-American and still holds women's basketball records for assists and career points at her Alma Mater. Graduating with a BA in Psychology, BriAnna now has made it her mission to learn every aspect of shooting the basketball.

    She continued her education at the University of North Texas, where she served as a Sport Psych consultant for the NCAA DI basketball teams on campus. In 2017, she graduated with a Masters of Science in Sport Performance Psychology, with an emphasis on Skill Acquisition.

    Never one to be idle, BriAnna went on to gain her Masters of Education in Instructional Design and Human Performance Technology in 2020, while working as a Grad Assistant and developing as a trainer with PGC Basketball.

    In winter of 2023, BriAnna also accepted the role of Chief Operations Officer for Strata Athletics, based in Austin, TX. Strata was founded on developing athletes in fun, presence, joy and a culture of error.

    BriAnna runs her own hybrid, year-round training and mentorship program, Shooters Shoot, where she travels the world providing athletes (youth to pro) with holistic human development and expert shot training.

  • Jeremy Williams

    Co-owner / Chief of Products

    Jeremy was born & raised in Texas, and currently lives in DFW. The only things he loves more than the Dallas Mavericks are his wife, and 3 dogs.

    BriAnna and Jeremy met many years ago as coworkers at Chili’s, and quickly became best friends. BriAnna founded Shooters Shoot LLC, and left to travel the world.

    On a random phone call to catch up, Bri mentioned her need for help with the clothing brand, and Jeremy offered his help as a friend. He figured his years of sales and product management experience could be useful to her.

    The only thing he asked to stay away from was designing, because he didn’t think of himself as an apparel designer.

    The whole dynamic changed when Bri was asked to design uniforms and a line of training gear for a team in Seattle, Washington. She knew she wanted the opportunity, but didn’t have the time to do it. In a bit of a panic she urged Jeremy to give it a try.

    Jeremy had spent time designing uniforms on 2K, but never for a team that actually existed. However, video games did hone a useful skill for him. The team loved the design of the uniforms and gear.

    Other teams that saw the gear started reaching out for their own, and a new role was born. Jeremy, the apparel designer.

    From there, his roles continued growing to include marketing, advertising, product sourcing, and eventually he was named Chief of Products. Now Jeremy manages Shooters Shoot Brand LLC as a co-owner.

  • James Hargro

    Chief of Marketing

    James looks for the challenges and task to attack them head on. With Shooters Shoot he will be finding different ways to spread our words and teachings through the networking and advertising side of the business.

    Originally James started with the Changing The Game Conference and showed solid leadership and knowledge. Now James is our Chief of Marketing to continuing promoting and networking the Shooters Shoot Brand.

  • Addie Burlison

    Social Media Manager

    Addie strives to be a light in everything she does. The Shooters Shoot vision empowers her to live out this intention, specifically through her role of designing and curating social media posts. She draws continuous inspiration from the company’s mission and the intentionality in which it operates.

    From the beginning, the grace and unwavering candor fueling Shooters Shoot served as a great motivator for her stay connected with the brand. When Addie was presented with the opportunity to take on her current role, she eagerly accepted. Addie is very grateful to serve as the Social Media Manager for Shooters Shoot Brand.